Tonight Theme

After spending countless hours programing with tomorrow color scheme I decided that it was time to start working on my own version of it. I was just going to tweak the purple because I was not a big fan but then things got out of hand I changed the whole theme. The Tonight theme was born. This is the first version of the color scheme and although there are still a lot of colors that I’m not 100% happy with I think that it’s good enough to share. I also want to optimize the theme a bit. Tomorrow is not focused on any language but since I do a lot of web stuff I want to give some love to html, css and js.


Colors Sample

Supported editors

Since this is the first version and I only use Sublime Text, I didn’t really want to waste time with all those editors. When I finally decided all the colors, I might fork and modify the base16 builder and provide official versions of it but until then you will have to make your own.